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Don’t Feed the Plant!


Back in 1960 a movie named Little Shop of Horrors came out that has a wonderful story of romance, 60’s americana, SyFi and and an important message… don’t feed the plant!

In 1986 it was re-released with such greats as Rick Moranis, John Candy, Christopher Guest and Steve Martin.

In 2016, Glen Rock High School released another version. This musical is directed by Christopher Barker, and Student Assistant Director, Jake Aboyoun.  the GRHS version of Little Shop of Horrors is a campy musical based on the 1960s cult horror film, nerdy Seymour, a florist’s clerk, buys and nourishes a Venus fly trap-like plant, which he names for his beloved co-worker Audrey. The plant ultimately grows big enough to devour everything in its path.

The twist that GRHS asks you to think about is: Is Audrey II really an alien life-force?

AS it begins it is announced that there are agents in the audience watching for possible aliens. So if you suspect an alien these agents will protect you.


IMG_1318Through out the production, I had to remember that this is acting and not actually a scene from the 1960’s skid row. Matthew Turanchik, Mr Mushnik, did a wonderful job making you believe he was a cranky business man instead of a high school senior. Seymour, Jake Aboyoun ( Student Director / Junior) was exactly what you would expect..  a lonely nerdish shop worker or was Rick Moranis doing a guest appearance?. Audrey was played by the musicals Costume Designer, Mandy Rosengren, Senior. Mandy, you would swear was from NYC 1960’s skid row. She not only rocked the part, but her costume design for all of the show was amazing each actors character was highlighted by their costumes.

Now the main character in Little Shop of Horrors was of course Audrey II. The voice of Audrey II was phenomenal. Matt Lacognata, a junior at GRHS, was the voice of Audrey II. His Audrey II voice, both in song and verbal, made you really wonder if the plant was really alive.

There were 60 GRHS students involved in this play. They ranged from Freshman to Seniors. All of these students had important roles in this production. I am sorry we can not list them all.

The show was phenomenal! Congratulations to all the cast and crew!

If you have a chance tonight, please go see the final production of Little Shop of horrors at Glen Rock High School tonight at 7:00pm.

Tickets go on sale at 6:30 in front of the auditorium.


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