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GR is a High Performing School


Superintendent of Schools Dr. Paula Valenti has received notice from the NJDOE that Glen Rock has been designated a “High Performing District” with regards to NJQSAC. As such, the district is eligible to submit an equivalency application through which it may waive completion of an extensive District Performance Review and monitoring by the state. 

The NJDOE (NJ Department of Education) has designated Glen Rock a High Performing School based on the NJQSAC’s (New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum) is the Department of Education’s monitoring and evaluation system for public school districts.  Every 3 years the NJQSAC evaluated school districts using five key elements of effective school districts:

  • Instruction & Program
  • Operations
  • Governance
  • Fiscal and Personnel.


Districts that have satisfied 80-100 percent of the quality performance indicators in each of these areas may submit a Statement of Assurance documenting they remain high performing, in lieu of receiving a full NJQSAC review every three years.

Glen Rock has satisfied the requirements to be able to submit a Statement of Assurance.

At the regular meeting of the Glen Rock Board of Education on Monday, Dec. 21, the BOE will be voting on the recommendation of Superintendent Valenti to submit the Equivalency Application to the Executive County Superintendent to extend the district’s QSAC certification as a high performing district for an additional three years, i.e. through the 2017-18 school year.



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