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Santa visits the Glen Rock fire department


It has been a Glen Rock tradition.. Every Christmas Santa visits the Glen Rock FIre Department and rides around the borough visiting all the children and wishing them a Merry Christmas.


Laura Occhipiniti, a Glen Rock mom and business owner, posted a list of must know points that all parents should know.

“Santa Visits GR” – Tips for Newbies (feel free to add to this):
1. It says they start at 4 but I feel like they usually start once the sun sets. Don’t quote me on this!
2. There are really two trucks (but they won’t admit it).
3. The truck goes by VERY quick, at least on my street.
4. They don’t get to all the streets (um, sorry Diamond Court) but they do their best.
5. Normally, in this group or the other FB groups, people post when the truck goes by so that we can all track it. Last year they saw our efforts and decided to give us access to their GPS info. No idea how it works but if it’s not working lets go back to our old way of posting to track.
6. If you get out to the curb fast enough they’ll throw candy at you. And yes, run out to the curb so they can see you.
7. The firefighters are awesome for doing this on their own time. It’s 100% volunteer and it takes them hours to get through the town.

More Info:


do do you have any other tips? Let us know!


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