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Wizards win 82-80, But Byrd School comes out ahead.


What were you doing Sunday? Hopefully enjoying the antics of the Harlem Wizards playing at GRHS for a Byrd School fundraiser.  This game sold out quickly.

The Harlem Wizards imitated the old Harlem Globetrotters by antics with the crowd and the players of the Glen Rock Rockets. Some of the antics included playing baseball mid 2nd quarter,  having Sean Loren a 3rd grader from Byrd  help with the game, and getting the crowd involved in the game with cheers. IMG_1025

The Glen Rock Rockets scored first with a great shot from Umberto, owner of John’s Boys Pizzeria. Other scores were made from our Mayor Elect Bruce Packer, Middle School Principal Thompson and Vice principal Pepe, as well as the coaches, Byrd school parents and employees of Mathnasium.





Glen Rock Rockets were represented by:

Byrd School Principal Laura Weber

Paula Valenti, Superintendent,

Middle School Principal Thompson

Middle School Vice Principal Pepe

Byrd School Teaching Assistants:

  • Kristin Graham
  • Kasey Schratner

Middle School Basketball Coaches:

  • Sara Woman
  • Layne Feldman

BOE Members:

  • Vice President Sanjiv Ohri
  • Sheldon Hirschberg
  • Incoming BOE member, Sharon Scarpelli,

Mayor Elect Bruce Packer

Umberto from John’s Boy

Bryan Kule Owner, Shades of Soho

Employees from Mathnasium

  • Jean Mercedes
  • Roselyn Guerzon
  • John Calma

Byrd School Parents:

  • Deirdre Ollendike
  • Elaine Wade
  • Tony DeSantis


During one of the breaks, Angus Deely from Byrd School, was picked to do the blind fold test for a minute. He got a hat, shirt and much more! IMG_0763








At the 4:29 minute mark of the 4th quarter, they announced the winners from the raffles and the 50/50 split.

One of the winners was Jack Finkel, a kindergartener from Byrd. IMG_1006

Talking to Jessie Lipson, one of the Chairs of this event, BTN asked how much they raised with this fundraiser. She replied: “This is our most successful fundraiser of the year.” Congrats Byrd!!






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