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Dead Rock is Spooky and Fun!


 For the past 20 + years the Central School haunted house has been scaring and entertaining Glen Rock residents. The haunted house is a fundraiser for the 5th grade class.  It helps pay for things like yearbook, pool party, graduation breakfast and class gift for the school.  The parents work together to come up with a theme and volunteer to decorate and transform the gym into a spooktacular event.


The theme this year is Walking Dead Rock.  Some of the haunted house rooms include Kill Roy, Scarebucks, Fran-Scares-ya, Curious Bleeder, Heavenly Treats Hellish Tricks,  Little Joe and  John’s  Zombie Shop and Chopper burial ground. The kids as well as the parents have a great time with this event.



The haunted house will be open on :
 Saturday, October 24th 6-9pm.
There is also a showing with lights on from 6-6:30 pm
Entry is $5.00 / person.


Do this after all the other great events going in town today!
Celebrate the Curious Bleeders 2nd Anniversary!
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