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Jean Baker Wunder, A force of nature in Glen Rock , passes away at 81.


On October 16, 2015 Glen Rock lost a part of its fabric. Jean Baker Wunder, passed away after a long illness.

Jean Baker Wunder was born on October 1, 1934. After growing up in Brooklyn NY, she moved to Glen Rock after getting married in 1957. She quickly became a piece of Glen Rocks fabric. Starting in 1972 she became a leader in the Glen Rock Cub Scouts.  In 1981 she was the founder and director of Glen Rock’s Toughlove program. She then took Toughlove and reformed it to what we know today as the  The SOURCE-Family Support Group, in 1983. The SOURCE (Society of United Resources for Community Enrichment) was located at the Borough Hall train station and was geared towards troubled kids and anyone else that needed help getting out of trouble. There wasn’t any kind of trouble that the youth or adults couldn’t come to her about.  Kids even sought her out just to talk.

In addition Ms. Wunder was recognized by several public and private organizations for all of the work she did to help the community, especially the youth.

John Butler, resident of Glen Rock, “Jean was a Lady of the First Order ; always there to help everybody that needed it”

One of her pet projects was the development of Wednesday Something. It originally started in 1989 by the collaborative forces of the Drug Alliance, DARE and the Source to give youth a drug & alcohol free event. It’s now a family fun event every Wednesday during the summer.

Several Glen Rock residents shared their memories of Jean Baker Wonder.

A Glen Rock resident remembers Jean as “A force of nature”

Jan Phillips, Glen Rock Resident,  remembers, “I love how Jeannie would never ask why something that benefited the community could not be done- I love how Jeannie would only ask, how will we do it together!

Susan Camp Tryforos, Glen Rock Resident and President of the GR Historical & Preservation Society, “Jean was a force for the betterment of people everywhere. What an incredible lady. May she finally rest in peace.”

 Mayor Van Keuren, “And now she’s gone. From a very appreciative borough, thanks Jean for all those wonderful years and ‘saves’. You remain a golden legend.”

We will always remember Jean with a smile. Thank you Jean for everything you did for the youth and community of Glen Rock.

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