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Carver Report; where’s the beef?


By Terry McBride, Columnist

The Council meeting on Wednesday October 14th centered on the Carver Report.

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A closer look at the text is warranted. The Carver Report consists of appx 20 paragraphs, let that sink in taxpayers, 20 paragraphs. According to Merriam’s the definition of culture; the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes a company or corporation. I found 4 or 5 paragraphs deal directly with the culture or state of the GRPD. That number rises to 6 or so if we include the passage where Carver paraphrases from someone else’s report. To spend a precious paragraph(at the outset) to say the Department is well rid of Reamy? Thank you Captain Obvious! This is disingenuous. He was not responsible for the culture of the force, and we know he is not the ‘pulse’. It is pandering to suggest or imply that Reamy was solely or mostly responsible for the problems, and without any other citation or specific mention of other parties except in passing that is the premise we are to glean. If Reamy is to play the scapegoat, the taxpayers will play the role of jack ass. He asserts at the end that the GRPD can now heal and consolidate, after Stanislao, after McInerney and Scott, after Reamy, sorry to say I remained unconvinced.

At the outset of the meeting I liked Judge Carver. I found him articulate, easy going and informative. He had agreed to make himself available and I found that commendable given the climate. He started by basically detailing the highlights of the report…it goes without saying that this was brief. He reiterated, more than once, the report could not speak to the genesis of the charges against McInerney and Scott due to litigation, the very charges that were the impetus of Carver being retained in the first place. His interaction with resident Rebecca Coll got testy and defensive. The council was wise to grant Coll leeway on time constraints, as it was obvious many in the audience shared her concerns. I felt that Carver, who had been fully engaged in the proceedings, eventually became dismissive of her.

I would like to mention at this time the Council. There were multiple statements from members, acknowledging the pain, embarrassment, and concern these issues have wrought. It was refreshing and important to hear them express that they share these feelings and desire to see this process through ‘down the path’.

Another very important speaker was Merick Limsky, the PBA representative and only other person in the room when Judge Carver conducted his interviews with the 28 police and civilians regarding the state of the GRPD. He stated that the rank and file is still affected. The issues run deep and morale is not where it should be. He said some interviewees felt their statements were ‘limited or misinterpreted’. He asserted the department will not heal with the status quo. I have heard similar sentiments from some who were interviewed. I understand the tough place Judge Carver was thrust into. There were limitations on what he could say in his report. He says the report will be more complete when investigations, litigations, and trials are over. But based on what we have received thus far I am concerned for the health of this report, I believe it is so thin it may be anorexic. I am also not suggesting a white-wash or cover up(Carver up), but if the only other person who sat in those interviews raises issue with how those statements were portrayed, well every Glen Rocker knows we already have two railroads and we have no need of a third.

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