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Early Swim For Everyone

To The Editor:
From: Gerald Collins
Early Swim For Everyone

Early lap swim time at the Glen Rock Pool is from 6 am until 8 am. When it is available, this time is utilized by Glen Rock residents before heading to work, taking their children to school, or commuting. This group includes Glen Rock residents who are teachers, postal workers, working moms, and senior citizens.

Please review the accompanying 2015 Glen Rock Pool schedule reference image. Each year, the 6 am until 8 am early swim time is unavailable. During this period, the Wyckoff Sharks use the Glen Rock Pool. The request to revise pool availability during this time is not new. In previous years, Glen Rock residents have written letters, contacted the town council, and submitted petitions. Despite these pleas, the Glen Rock Town Council has taken no action.

I encourage everyone to review the budget information on the Glen Rock website ( What you will notice is that the Glen Rock Pool operates at a surplus. Fortunately, the amount procured each year from our badge purchases keeps pace with the pool’s expenses. This is important to note, because some people will say that the Glen Rock Pool needs the Wyckoff Sharks pool rental to stay solvent. However, let’s please take a moment to review some data.

A Facebook posting in early September stated that 185 Wyckoff Sharks use the Glen Rock Pool during the period early swim is unavailable. During the September 16, 2015 Glen Rock Town Council meeting, we learned that the Wyckoff Sharks paid $4,200 in 2015 to lease the pool. $4,200 divided by 185 rounds up to about $22.00. This is in comparison to the $325 paid by non-Glen Rock residents, and $50 paid by Glen Rock residents to lap swim (please see for membership rates).

If the pool indeed has a budget crisis (which is not evident in its public budget information), why do the Wyckoff Sharks pay a sub-market rate? Why are the Wyckoff Sharks allowed to both block Glen Rock residents from swimming, and have a substantial discount?

When this issue was again raised to the Glen Rock Town Council, they advised that a survey is being conducted to gauge who wants to swim. This statement was made with no consideration to previously received letters and petitions. So, we return to the initial inquiry posting – are you aware that a survey is being conducted to determine when you can swim?

The solve for this issue is so jaw-droppingly simple that it beggars belief the Glen Rock Town Council takes no action. The Wyckoff Sharks could continue to lease the Glen Rock Pool, and some lanes can be reserved for Glen Rock’s working moms, postal workers, and senior citizens to swim early. Please ask Glen Rock’s elected officials why they perceive this compromise as unreasonable.

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