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Senior Website Launches!


Senior Services Section Added to Borough of Glen Rock Website

The Borough of Glen Rock is pleased to announce a “Senior Services” section has been added to the borough’s website.  This section of the website offers information to Seniors and their families on a variety of topics, from housing to social activities.  The new section of the website can be found by visiting

A launch event of the “Senior Services” section will take place on Tuesday October 6th, 2015 at 9am at the Municipal Building, located at 1 Harding Plaza.  A short program will take place and light refreshments will be provided.

Mayor van Keuren and the Council are pleased to have this important information in one easily accessible location for town residents. “The Borough of Glen Rock has always strived to provide needed services for seniors in a variety of areas,” said the Mayor.  “Now all those services are listed in one place. This comprehensive list should make it easier for senior residents and their families to get the information they need to access the services available.”


To learn more about this announcement and/or event, please contact

Ashley Biggs, Communications Coordinator

1 Harding Plaza, Glen Rock, NJ 07452

Office: 201-670-2956

[email protected]


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