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Borough Council meeting September 30, 2015


By: Terry McBride

The meeting opened with the council noting the recent death of Chris Taylor with sadness. On a personal note, I bought my engagement ring from Chris 18 years ago. Thus began a long relationship, he will be missed, more so by my wife.

The meeting was by all standards fairly sedate. There was some discussion concerning the Property Tax Reward Program (whereby residents will be incentivized to shop locally),which has generated a lot of positive interest and some negative feedback.

S2 Zoning will be further discussed at the Council Work session on Monday 10/5.

The parking ordinance regarding Emerson Rd was also passed while some would like to have seen the no parking during school hours on the whole street remain in effect.

Lastly the Carver Report. Contrary to recent rumors, the dog park did not eat this report. Originally scheduled to be completed by the end of June, the mayor stated he has a copy. The Council will be getting copies directly and pending release to the PBA, it will be made public by the middle/end of next week. I will believe it when I see it, this report has proven more elusive than bigfoot.

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