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S-2 Part Deux


This article is a continuation of our article outlining the history of the proposed S-2 zone.

During the council meeting on 8/26 Ron Darginio brought up many concerns regarding the transparency and procedure used with the proposed S-2 zone. Here is the link to the Youtube video.

 These included:
1. How the new zone,S-2, was presented (or lack of) to the council 
In BTN’s investigation, The planning board approved presenting  the S-2 on June, 9th 2015 to the Mayor and Council. This was after the board had some concerns with the setbacks, height and the density that were proposed as the guidelines of the  S-2 zone for age restricted housing on 5/4/2015.
 The S-2 was presented at the councils normal work session on 6/22/2015, IT was tabled to investigate several concerns by the council. These concerns included:  fire safety, height and some language changes.
After reaching out to the planning department, this seems to follow the normal procedure as stated by Nancy Spiller, Planning Board secretary. She stated that the procedures of changing a zone is such: “To make a zone change recommendation, the Planning Board recommends the proposal to the Mayor and Council.  They consider it and if they want to move it forward, there is a first reading.  IT then comes back to the Planning Board to make sure this is what they recommended- then back to the Mayor and Council for a final reading.  It gets published , then the law has changed.” 
2. The Planning board developed this zone just for the builder Gregory Associates, who requested for a zone change of the A-1 and A-2 from single residence to multi family on January 9, 2014. 
The Planning Board admitted on 5/4/2015 that the developers zone change plan for  Glen Village Park, LLC was a catalyst to the design of the new zone S-2. The Senior housing development need outlined in the 2008 / 2014 reexamination of the master plan was also a factor in developing the S-2 zone.. In addition, it was also mentioned by Mr. VanLangen, “This ordinance would set the criteria for the rezoning of any property (or combination of properties) to construct much needed senior housing.“
Several  residents reached out to BTN and  reported that it was asked several times  if the developers zone change proposal had anything to do with the new proposed zone. And the answer was always No, one had nothing to do with the other. BTN, has reached out to the council and the planning board regarding this.
BTN has reached out to the Council and the Mayor for a clarification to this but has not received one as yet. When we do, this article will be updated.
3. It was also suggested that they did not follow the rules of the NJ land use .
 BTN did not see any place where the Borough did not follow the NJ Land use code.
4. The safety of the fire ladders ability to fight a fire properly in a 45′ structure.
There are several concerns regarding this. These are being discussed between the GRFD , Council, and  Safety board.
BTN has reached out to the Mayor and Council for their reaction and input on several of these matters, but has not heard back as of yet. AS we get reaction from them, we will update this article.
Based on this  information, do you feel that the Planning board, mayor and council were transparent? Do you feel that this zone was made just for the builder?
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