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Council session 8/26



The council meeting started by Mayor Van Keuren acknowledging and honoring a GRHS working towards his Boy Scout Eagle project. Josh Stein, a Glen Rock Senior, is working on a Boy Scout Eagle project. His project is cleaning up the triangle park in front of Good Shepard Lutheran Church, 233 S Highwood Ave, Glen Rock.

Mayor VanKeuren honored him by presenting him a official Bluebird birdhouse kit.. complete without instructions, since that is part of an eagle projects rules.

Ridgewood Mayor Paul Aronsohn, Manager Roberta Sonenfeld, Water Director Richard Calbi, and Business Manager Dave Scheibner  appeared to present information about  water quality, the new meter replacement, and to explain the billing issues with the high bills after the new meter was installed.

Water Quality:

11/60 tests of lead, from Ridgewood Water facilities, has shown a lead standard action level above 15 parts per billion.

Ridgewood water performs 2 federal programs to help reduce lead in the water.

  1. Corrosion Control Program
  • This is done by adding Polyphosphate, a corrosion inhibitor, to the water at several locations. This will be at every well and point of entry. This program is expected to be completed 3rd quarter 2016.
  1. Resident education
  1. Ways to reduce Lead:
  • Run water for 30 second
  • Use cold water for cooking
  1. Sodium
  • Sodium limits are secondary limits.
  • Standard sodium readings are 50 mg/ meter
  • There is treatments for raised levels of sodium. Just be aware of this.

New Meter

Only 44 Glen Rock residential structures are needed to complete the water meter changeover program.


50% of the customers have been receiving larger bills due to the new meters. This is from a period of time that can be up to 6 years. Ridgewood Water is working with those residents with payment plans.

Stage 2 water restrictions were discussed. Glen Rock will start warning and summonsing people not following the water restrictions.

At this time the formal council meeting convened. 

These four resolutions passed unanimously.

1. Resolution for Payment of Bills

2. Resolution Authorizing Refund of Redemption Monies to Outside Lien holders

3. Resolution Authorizing Award of Non-Fair and Open Contract (Norman Sheet Metal)

4. Resolution Authorizing Award of Non-Fair and Open Contract (Beck Bros.)

5. Resolution for Tax Appeal Settlement (B115L19)

Departmental Reports:

Councilman Michael O’Hagan:

  • Is getting a report from Chief Jennings on the Fire Sirens and will post on the website and in the media.
  • Officer Michael Trover is now the new detective for the GRPD.

Councilman Art Pazan :

  • A lot it going on at the library
    • 8/31 Cover to Cover Teen Book Club  3-4pm
    • 9/2  Teens Writers Circle for grades 6 – 12  4p-5p
    • Char Yoga
    • 9/10 Traveling farm
    • Different artist is featured each month in the Library’s gallery.

Councilwoman Joan Orseck

  • Pool has had a successful season.
  • The Pool is open every weekend after school starts until 9/20
  • The Shack had a great summer, and is looking to improve next year.
  • Arboretum is still looking for funds and pledges for maintenance and the growth of the Arboretums’ services.
  • Big Concern that we are looking for suggestions on the skateboarders and safety issues with them riding in the middle of the street.

Councilman Carmine Nogara

  • Shade tree Advisory Committee:
    • PSE&G is giving the Borough $300 / tree that they remove for the line work. Total estimate is: $8,400.00
    • All trees that were removed were deemed a hazard or cause issues with the power lines.

Councilwoman Mary Jane Surrago

  • All of the boroughs streets on the pavement list has been done.
  • Street painting will be done prior to school starting
  • When you see a white bullseye on a county tree. it will be removed.
  • Our Recycling vender is up for renewal on 10/1
  • Former Councilwomen Pam Biggs is creating a senior section to the borough website and a brochure that will complement it.


Councilman Michael O’Hagan: Reminder that The Bergen Zoo is free on 9/27 for all children with disabilities.

In regards to the 2 votes that happened on Monday evening at the open council work session. 

  1. Both the vote for the United Way house and the Arboretum funds were preliminary votes and now have to go through due process with contracts before it will be come a Referendum. At that point, it will be presented at a council meeting for a vote. 

Per Robert Garibaldi, Borough Attorney, the votes on Monday for these items do not mean that they are a done deal. 

BTN is investigating a Residents comments about the s2 zone and not being transparent by the borough. We will update you with more information.

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