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GR Road Work Continues


There are a lot of road closures going on in town everyday. The 4 main causes of these closures are:

  1. The ADA Curb and Ramp Replacement program.
    1. As, noted in a previous BTN article, this program is funded by Bergen County.  This will Conclude on August 28th, weather permitting.
  2. Paving of the following Borough roads:
    • Chadwick Place
    • Clifton Place
    • Dean Street
    • Driscoll Place
    • Ellsworth Terrace
    • Greenway Road
    • Griswold Place
    • Harding Road
    • Hamilton Avenue
    • Kenmore Place
    • Lehigh Place
    • Pembroke Place
    • Warren Place 
  3. Bergen County will be paving the following roads starting 8/25:
    1. Harristown Road
    2. Ackerman Avenue
  4. PSE&G’s Pole replacement through 2016. This is effecting:
    1. Harristouwn Rd.
    2. Ackerman Ave.
    3. Prospect St.

As closures are announced, we will be posting them on the BTN Facebook group

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