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Juvenile Officer Update


While BTN was investigating the Juvenile Officer, Sgt. Reamy, we noticed that Officer McGill was appointed to being Juvenile Officer in 2014. Since most of the media named Sgt. Reamy as the Juvenile Officer and then seeing this “new” information, we wanted to clarify this situation by reaching out to Captain Miller of the GRPD.  Captain Miller explained that Sgt. Reamy was not the Juvenile Officer, but he was the Detective overseeing the Juvenile Officer.

How the juvenile division works, is that when a complaint comes in about a juvenile,  it is then determined if there should be criminal charges against the juvenile or they should go though Station House adjustments. The Station House Adjustment Program or (SHA Program) is used for juveniles in special circumstances involving minor non-violent offenses to help avoid the establishment of a juvenile record.

Per Captain Miller, if the juvenile had no record, is remorseful of their action, and the parent is responsive and wanting to work with the GRPD then most likely they would be sent to the Station House Adjustment Program.  If this is the case, Officer McGill, will handle the resolution of the juveniles offense through working closely with their parents, school, Juvenile Courts and the victim of the crime.

If it is decided that the juvenile should be charged and sent to juvenile court, then Sgt. Reamy would over see the case. Sometimes the court will kick the case back to the SHA program. When this happens, Officer McGill oversees the case.  Officer McGill has been with the GRPD since 2008. He replaced Officer Stanislao in 2014 as Juvenile Officer.

BTN then asked who was the Detective overseeing the Juvenile Officer currently, Captain Miller stated that both of GRPD’s detectives are sharing in the duties of overseeing the Juvenile Officer.


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