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GRPD Burglary Update


GRPD reported that the other day there were 2 car break ins on the 300 block of the Boulevard. The burglars broke into one car by smashing the window, and the other car was unlocked.

BTN talked to Captain Miller about these break-ins. He stated that these break-ins were crimes of opportunities and not related to the higher drug traffic on Lincoln and Maple ave.  Crimes of Opportunity are crimes that is committed without planning when the perpetrator sees that he/she has the chance to commit the act at that moment and seizes it. Break-ins like these are unusual in Glen Rock.

The last major run of car burglars Glen Rock had was last year. Those car burglaries were done by a known homeless burglar and was apprehended.

When asked, what can residents do to help prevent car burglaries? Captain Miller, replied:

  • Lock your car doors
  • Leave your car lights off
  • Make sure nothing of value is visible, or even left in the car.

One of the burglaries from the other night had a visible wallet on the passenger seat.  Call the GRPD if you have any concerns or questions at 201-652-3800.


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