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Update on Sgt. Reamy


Today at 3pm Sgt. Reamy will appear in court with his attorney Richard Potter, Esq.  The purpose of this court date is to have Sgt. Reamy be released on Bail with an ankle monitor while they are confirming the locations of the 2 weapons, and Mr. Potter  feels strongly about this happening.

While speaking to Mr. Potter this am, he told BTN that one weapon was sold in the 1990’s and the other was sold to the Ramsey Outdoor Store in Paramus, which has since closed. They are expecting  the ATF ‘s (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) trace shortly. 

Mr. Potter hopes that once the 2 weapons are located that the ankle bracelet can be removed.

BTN asked Mr. Potter how Sgt. Reamy’s’ mental state was. He stated, Sgt. Reamy has strong personality and constitution. At first he was very upset, but now he has a better outlook and feeling more upbeat and positive.

BTN will continue updating its readers with accurate information on this case.

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