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Dear Readers,

The past few days have been horrific in Glen Rock. It saddened me to learn of what happened and that, as a news reporter, I had to report this news that hit my hometown.

I published just the public press release as is without the addresses or personal information in it.  I did not continue to look at other stories and copy the same information that was coming out. You did not need me to regurgitate that information over again.

We are  reaching out to both sides for statements to be able to share both sides of this story.

Banana Tree News (BTN) is  dedicated to telling the truth and making sure all of our stories are well researched, truthful and not copy / pasted like other news sources do.

Here at Banana Tree News, we welcome editorials from the residents of Glen Rock about this and any other topic they wish to have their voice heard about. I do not censor or edit these editorials, they are published as is and within a few hours of receiving them.

Despite all of what has happened with the GRPD this past year, they have been honorable in how they presented themselves, conducted their duties and be an important part of the GR Community. I am honored to know many of these  officers for many years, and they have always have treated me with the upmost respect, even with being part of the press now. I applaud them and all the work they do.

Always remember please: Civility is expected from our readers. Please act accordingly when engaging Banana Tree News stories.

Thank you.

Julie Maxwell Allen

Publisher, Banana Tree News

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