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Council Work Session 8/10/15

By: Terry McBride
Banana Tree News
 Aug 10th Work Session 7:30pm.
 Many more residents in attendance than the last meeting.
Many Bradford area residents voiced their  concerns over the scope of the project and of potential future projects. The United Way representative Tom Toronto explained the property would stay ‘residential in character and nature.’ Upon prompting from this reporter Toronto mentioned that 10 would be max number of residents, he speculated earlier that 6-8 would be more likely. Some residents stated that 4 would be more in keeping with the neighborhood, but while open to discussion the decision is ultimately United Way’s. There were assurances that the nature of the residents of the home would not change in the future, and it was noted that the closing date between United Way and the owner is September 15. One resident did suggest the taking of ‘a deep breath’ reminding all in attendance that all the concerns relating to the Glen Courts (opened 1986), were largely overblown.
   The topic of drones took flight, the mayor droned on about several reports of low-flying drones and mentioned they would examine state law to potentially shoot down the flying of drones going forward.
The taking down of trees on Harristown Rd was also broached. It was noted that PSE&G will pay for new trees to replace the large old trees that were butchered. PSE&G assured the mayor the trees that were taken down were in the way of new poles and or dying/diseased trees
    There was mention of S2 but that will be taken up later, a resident did have an opinion  that S1 provided coverage and if modified you would not need an S2.
The mayor also brought up the dog park  A number of residents gave their rationale why it was a bad idea, naming location, expense, parking, and barking, amongst others.
Also, we were assured that we do have a Juvenile Officer. But that officer was not named.
Lastly and semi-related, the Carver report on the culture of the GRPD is still not available, those conclusions will be forthcoming (for a while now).
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