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Grower Market Finishes 2nd Saturday


By: Skip Huisking

The word “Grower” is written on purpose. Farmer Tibor Sipo’s attempt to start a “Growers” market in Glen Rock- is just that. A singular grower trying to start something in Glen Rock.
Over the years, many Glen Rockers have said “we could really use a grower’s or farmer market”. And my family and friends have often said that as we drive up to Ramsey where their Farmer’s market has grown into an economically viable enterprise and asset for the town. Ridgewood tried but it quickly died out due to low demand.
Most people recognize that being a small farmer is one of the hardest and thankless careers  – with essentially a small chance of financial benefit – there is no “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for farmers. One must have a passion for it as its truly a “labor of love”.
I applaud Tibor for trying to make this happen in Glen Rock. The only way it is going to happen if the community supports it. Its as simple as that! – an economic reality.
If one really thinks about it, he is actually losing money during this early “embryonic stage”. Transportation alone is probably over $100 just for the round trip from Tewksbury and that is over and above the cost of growing the vegetables and having help selling on those Saturdays. He and his family are clearly doing this because they love being farmers and thoroughly enjoy growing fresh, wholesome, organic fruits and vegetables. It certainly does not take a rocket scientist to recognize that he is barely covering his costs (if at all) with one table! If you look at the attached picture showing a rainbow over his farm after a storm, it might help explain why he loves doing what he and is family are dedicated to farming.
The hope is that he can reach the point where it is making money and will be attractive for additional suppliers of associated items of interest to the community.
If you have visited his “table” (calling it a stand would be a real exaggeration), spread the word so your friends and neighbors will help make this a success.
Hopefully this will be one small step that helps our downtown become more attractive to visit and shop.
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