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S2 Zones, Dog Parks and More


On Monday 7/27/15 the Glen Rock Council met for their End of July work session.

First topic of discussion was Pool memberships. The council is looking at offering a reduced membership price for badges bought after 8/1. In addition, they are also looking at working on making children’s guest passes $5 and offering combo packs of guest passes to give the membership more flexibility in purchasing passes. Everyone seemed to be in favor. This will be discussed more This Wednesday during the Council Session In addition to during the year.

On July 26, a car ran into the Dunkin Dounuts on Prospect Street. Mayor Van Keuren addressed the question why can we not put bollards there? It is private property. He stated he will be reaching out to the owner of the property to suggest this. It was also suggested that the councils and the Mayors tactic may take the bully pulpit angle to get this accomplished.

Mayor Van Keuren turned his attention to the Farmers Market that was held on Saturday 7/25/2015.

There was an attempt at a farmers market on Saturday in the parking lot between 66 Glen Blvd and the back of the Glen Rock Inn. It was stated that it was on Glen Rock Borough property. When you want to host an event, such as the farmers market, there are requirements to do such.

This includes filling out an application for a special event permit and  submitted to the Central Business District Review Committee no later than seven (7) days prior to the proposed event.

If this is not done, then there may be personal liability to the person that conducted the event.  According to BTN’s investigation, the event coordinators did get permission of the owner of 66 Glen Ave to use his parking lot for this and was strictly on the 66 Glen Ave parking lot. We are still investigating to ensure this.

Several council members seemed happy that someone initiated the farmers market and would like to see it developed more.

Councilman Michael O’Hagan reported on the Incident at the pool . A youngster while in swim lessons took on too much water and his father got him out. The lifeguards initiated the pools EMS Procedure, and triaged the youngster. He then was taken to Valley out of precaution  and stayed over night… The kid is ok, and was in the pool playing the next day.

Roadwork update:  Ackerman is all milled. It will be repaved within the  next 2 weeks .

Councilwoman Joan Orseck brought up the Dog Park. She stated she met with the dog park committee and reported back that the committee is looking at all the different aspects of having a dog park in town.

A couple of council members agree that a Dog park will be an appropriate addition to the town. Some of the concerns from the residents last night were safety, noise,and cost.

The committee is looking at a couple of locations and the expences of running a dog park. They have also looked into different ways to fund this and found that there is more than adequate funding available to support a dog park in town.

Councilwoman Joan Orseck also stated that they have narrowed it down to a few locations with enough parking and away from homes for the safety of the community. In addition they stated that the dog park will not run at night.

What they need now is a yes or no from the council to go forward with research, funding options and the development of the dog park.  After the council agrees to look into it and the locations have been narrowed down to 2 or 3 locations there will be a public forum.

At the work session, residents also expressed that not just people w dogs want it. Others want it to stop dogs from being brought to the playing fields and making a mess. It was mentioned that the borough can not enforce the rule of no dogs on the playing fields. But that this will give them an option to go somewhere else.

In 2016 Glen Courts will become the property of Glen Rock. Per Mayor Van Kueren, we have 2 choices on how to handle this property and that the borough needs to start talking about it sooner then later.

  1. Sell it and get a great amount income (potentially 6-8 million)
  2. Refurbish it and get a lower income, but yet a steady yearly income.
    1.  We would have to establish long term day to day maintenance and management of the facility
    2. GR would have to redo the building and the rooms.

Mayor Van Kueren recommended to keep the property. It was suggested by a resident that we should keep it because it is important in the Glen Rock Identity and the social aspect downtown is important. It was also suggested to keep renovation costs down they should renovate one room at a time.

Councilwoman Amy Martin mentioned that the financials at the macro level weigh heavily in the choice.

S2 zoning is to come up on Wednesday at the regular Council Session for final consideration. Mayor Van Keuren made it clear that It is not a done deal. There are still significant concerns that exist that the council wants to ponder. One of the major concerns came from Councilman Michael O’Hagan.  He is concerned with what part of the building would be 35 feet and  what part is 45 feet high. If it is 45 feet straight up, the fire ladders won’t be able to reach higher. The council needs to talk to the planner because of too many variables to move it forward.

Lenora Benjamin said she will get the input of our public safety committee, the GRFD and GRVAC in 2 weeks.

Councilman Michael O’Hagan stated that he would like to table the vote for the S2 zone for now.

Councilwoman Martin also has reservations : 35 feet high is ok but does not want a blanket 45 feet. She also would like to have a developer come talk to them about all of this.

Lenora Benjamin also mentioned that there are potentially other language changes such as not having the number of stores and some other questions.

TO clarify, the Ordnance comes from the planning board and the engineers did not have any issues with this ordnance.  The Planning board considers all  proposals in the Boroughs master plan. Then they send it to the council who looks at the more practical point of view .

Resident Diane Herrlett asked: Where does the 45′ come from?

Answer: The planning board. Because it’s a new zone that is different and developed in a different way, creating a different development.

A resident stated: We have to have change to open up to more people to come in.

These conversations are to make sure the developers has Glen Rocks best interest at heart.

The Council is considering the S2 zone to provide more opportunities to adult 55 and over.

Councilman Michael O’Hagan formally requested  to table the presentation of the final ordinance till the next meeting in August 26.

All the council was in favor of this.

The S2 zone finalization is tabled until 8/26/2015.  It will only go back to planning if there are any changes.

Councilman Art Pazan reported on the Library. To help increase summer reading, there are now recipes on the Glen Rock Library Website

8/3/2015 6th-8th grade can read books with the library staff

8/6/2015 2p All about Owls

Friends of the library is a member of Amazon smiles. Where a portion of your purchase goes to the library.

Wed 7/29: 6:30 Greek readers will read Where the Wild Things Are to young kids

Councilman Michael O’Hagan: Thanks to EMS for helping young boy. And thank you for all the GRPD for all they do. The Fire siren on Sunday night was a defective smoke alarm.

There are several questions on why we do the sirens. It is part of our emergency response with the Fire Department. It is also a back up to the pagers.

Per Lenora Benjamin the Evaluated property values  from the study based on 15 Bradford St. will be in this week. Also, the tax rates are in. Bills hopefully will be mailed Friday or Monday.

The borough is going to do movie night in the park again later in August. It costs the Borough $1700 to do it, but there is funding available for it. IT was suggested that they should have borough businesses be involved and set up a vender spot and a % of their proceeds will go to the borough.

Many of these topics will be also brought up on Wednesday 7/29/2015 at the Council Meeting.

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