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Lunchtime Demonstration of LGBT solidarity


By: Terry McBride LBGT1

1230 Glen Rock; A group from Garden State Equality held a demonstration outside the offices of Scott Garrett. Garrett recently refused to pay National Republican Congressional Committee dues as in his words “it actively recruited gay candidates and supported homosexuals in primaries,”according to published accounts. Recently in comments Garrett referred to disagreements with the leadership of Speaker Boehner as part of the reason for withholding funds, but did not necessarily refute the earlier statement.

TLBGT2here were 30 to 40 protesters, with a smattering of reporters in that number. Andrea Bowen led the group in some chants such as, “2,4,6,8, we’re the state that doesn’t hate!” They held placards and signs bearing messages such as “Less Garrett, Better Tomorrow!” There were three or four other speakers who were sometimes hard to hear. I did find it clever, when introducing Michael Cino, a potential Republican contender to Garrett, Bowen said we are ‘bipartisan,’ than corrected herself and said,’we are multi-partisan.’ After some protesters distributed literature and a few more pithy chants, the protest largely broke up around 1 PM.    Scott Garrett was not in his office today and his staff had no comment but directed us to email his office for any statement.
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