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Dave Behar Retires from Glen Rock Volunteer Ambulance Corps.


Story By Mary Jane Surrago

He is called Grandpa by his grandchildren, and he was also a “grandpa” of sorts to the Glen Rock Volunteer Ambulance Corps (GRVAC).

David Behar recently retired as active member of the GRVAC.  Having moved to Glen Rock in 1970, Dave joined

Chief Ed Esposito paying tribute to Dave Behar upon his official retirement from the GRVAC.

the squad in 1976.  He has held the office of GRVAC President, President of the 20th District of the New Jersey State First Aid Council, and was the GRVAC’s Delegate to this organization for the 20 years.

“I joined the ambulance corps to serve my community,” said Dave.  “While it was important to help my neighbors, my best memories on the corps are the lasting friendships I made with other members.”

Dave retired in 2002 from Western Electric after a 37-year career with that organization.  After his retirement, Dave increased his volunteer time with the GRVAC by responding to many day calls in addition to his regular Monday night shift.  “Covering day calls is the most difficult problem facing most ambulance corps and the GRVAC was fortunate to have someone like Dave Behar, who was retired and was willing to respond to many day calls,” said GRVAC President Diane Herrlett.  When he was not answering ambulance calls, he went to the YMCA in Ridgewood seven days a week to keep in shape swimming and working out.

Now that Dave is fully retired from the GRVAC, he will continue to visit the YMCA daily to keep in shape and also spend more time with his five grandchildren.

Dave and Susan Behar with their five grandchildren.


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