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GRVAC History


By: May Jane Surrago


The Glen Rock Volunteer Ambulance Corps was chartered September 16, 1951 by a group of concerned citizens to provide emergency first aid and transportation for their neighbors when emergencies occurred in the community.  Incorporated on September 16, 1951, the first ambulance was purchased from monies raised by a door-to-door fund drive.

Then:  Original GRVAC members in 1951.
Then: Original GRVAC members in 1951.



Incorporated on September 16, 1951, the first ambulance was purchased from monies raised by a door-to-door fund drive.







Now: GRVAC members gather around NorthSTAR helicopter after a recent drill on medevac operations.

Today, GRVAC members range in age from 16 to 70 years old.  They are school teachers, attorneys, business owners, engineers, nurses and other professionals.  High school students fill out the youth squad.

The current officers are Diane Herrlett, President; Dave Alport, First Vice President; Mary Jane Surrago, Recording Secretary; Sara Tracey, Corresponding Secretary; Mike Eckert, Treasurer; and Ed Esposito, Chief.  The Chief is supported by four line officers: Lieutenants John DeLaat, Jennette Montgomery, Sonia Rodrigues and Mary Jane Surrago.

The corps utilizes two ambulances and a first responder truck to answer approximately 600 calls each year. Like other volunteer squads, the GRVAC is in need of new members and is seeking caring Glen Rock residents that are interested in learning how to help their neighbors during emergencies.  Besides responding to medical emergencies in Glen Rock, the GRVAC provides mutual aid emergency service to neighboring towns, so those towns, in turn, provide additional support to Glen Rock when there are multiple calls at a time.  In addition, the GRVAC supports Glen Rock’s Volunteer Fire Department when there is a structural fire in town and volunteers for standby at the high school graduation, home football games and other large town events.

GRVAC membership undergoes extensive training to be certified by the State of New Jersey as emergency medical technicians (EMT).   All EMT training is provided free and no previous medical experience is necessary.  Free “in-your-home” babysitting is available for day duty crews and those attending daytime classes during EMT training.  Day and evening EMT training classes are available.   Membership is open to individuals 16 years and older.

Though Glen Rock may have changed over the last 65 years, the mission of the Glen Rock Volunteer Ambulance Corps remains the same “Neighbor Helping Neighbor.”


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