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Council Work Session 6/22/2015


The Glen Rock Council had a public work session on 6/22/15. During this meeting two of the main topics were parking and the United Way Group home.

Calisto Bertin from Bertin Engineering presented some ideas on different parking solutions for downtown Glen Rock.

At this time there are:

237 spaces at Harding Plaza

231 spaces in the West Plaza

115 spaces at Glen Courts

144 spaces at Main Line parking.

Mr Bertin, mentioned that we can get 10-15 extra spots by increasing certain areas .. But it would not be cost effective. What is recommended is a 3-4 level parking garage. This would require a 135 x 250 ft minimum size lot. This would bring 450 – 600 spots to downtown.

The study showed that the best location is West Plaza due to the sizes of the current lot. This would include leaving the Post Office ramps and area alone.

Mayor Van Keuren asked: Is the need acute enough to warrant the solution?
Answer: no, but we do have a parking need..
What are the Benefits:? Additional Parking for commuters and the commercial district. This can bring extra traffic downtown and increased spending.

The estimated cost for the individual parking spaces as a revenue source is 12-15K per space depending on the amount of usage.

Council Woman Amy Martin asked: Can the first level be retail space?
Answer: Yes. By doing that it could help “hide” the parking ramp.

The second presenter was Thomas M. Toronto, President of Bergen County United Way. He presented on the possible group home at 15 Bradford Glen Rock, NJ. There were many concerned brought up by residents of Bradford. Some of the main concerns and questions included:
What type of residents would be in the house?
People with Developmental disabilities. Such as Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Sclerosis, and Autism. There will be no dangerous clients or former drug addicts.
How Long has the Council known about this?
The Mayor confirmed that they knew that the United Way was looking for houses in Glen Rock for 2-3 years.
Glen Rock Borough Attorney Bob Garibaldi stated that they just had received the contract in May.
Per Councilman O’Hagan last night was the first time that the council heard the details of this potential purchase.
Why is Glen Rock going to fund this project?
Every town in NJ Has a housing fund earmarked for affordable housing and developmental disability housing. If we do not use this or have it earmarked by 7/9/2015. If that does not happen then the state may take the funds back.
How many residents?
Minimum 4 and maximum 10. Mr. Toronto said he does not have the specks of the property to accurately determine that answer.
What type of structure and would it fit in the appearance of Bradford?
It will be a ranch house and look exactly like a home that a family would move into.
There are 2 staff on at all time and will park on the property, not on the street.

Councilwoman Orseck asked if there were any examples that residents can view. Here are 2 addresses that people can go view and see how the house is part of the neighborhood.

289 Franklin Turnpike, Allendale, NJ 07401
180 Airmount Avenue, Ramsey, NJ

There is a open forum on 6/25/15 at borough hall to discuss the United Way house. If you have questions or concerns please attend.

The council also discussed the Thielke Arboretum building.

The building is due to complete in 2016
Monthly operating costs: $500-$600 per month
They are also building a water reclaimed process to use the rain water for multiple purposes.

The cost of the building is $635,000. It has been asked by Thielkes Arboretum to get a loan of $250,000 from the Borough to complete the building after raising $435,000 themselves. They plan to pay back the loans in 5 years. The price that was quoted has a 10% overage built into it.

Councilman O’Hagan brought up that Hawthorne Fire would like to combine training at a new training facility that Hawthorne has built.

Councilman Art Pazzan brought up a list of events at the library coming up this summer.

It was a very productive Council work session with a lot of questions answered. If you have questions about any of this please reach out to me and I will get an answer.

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