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GR Council Meets to Propose Faber Field Plan B


Almost a week after the Faber Field referendum to spend 3 million on putting Artificial Turf (AT) on Faber Field was vetoed, the Glen Rock Council and Mayor Van Keuren presented a Faber Field plan B.

Mayor Van Keuren recommended that the council form a committee of 5 Glen Rock residents to come up with alternative ideas for the revitalization of Faber Field. A resident also suggested that Glen Rock should have an up to date field study on how frequently and for what activities Faber Field is used. There should also be a study to see if AT turf is safe.

These suggestions were countered by a couple of other residents that felt that the committee and the survey were bad ideas because the Faber Field issue would be dragged out and forgotten about. It was also mentioned that it should be up to the council to develop a plan B, since the residents elected them.

In response to the safety issue, another Glen Rock resident said he saw several high school football players with burns on their hands from the AT turf mentioned that while visiting a local hospital emergency room.

Many residents agreed that something needs to be done in the short term to fix Faber Field.  A council member stated that drainage needs to be addressed.  A resident agreed and mentioned the lower field, which is closest to the brook, is the area that needs the most fixing, not the upper field.

Mayor Van Keuren was asked why he thought the referendum was voted down. He said that it came down to several factors, money being one of them.  A Glen Rock resident responded that it was voted down because the Glen Rock  council had not presented an alternative plan. And that the council’s motive was to have AT at Faber field.

Another reason mentioned that the vote failed was because of the environment.  Some ideas that people would like to see there is a dog park and a track.

At the end of the meeting the Council seemed disappointed in the residents’ reactions.


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