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Gary Stevens, owner of Gary Stevens TaeKwonDo, was promoted to 7th Degree Grand Master


PRESS RELEASE- For Immediate Release

Gary Stevens, owner of Gary Stevens TaeKwonDo, was promoted to 7th Degree Grand Master by the Legendary Grand Master Richard Chun on Saturday, November 8, 2014


GaryStevens pix1Grand Master Gary Stevens: Teacher and Valued Community Member

This is no secret to martial arts instructor Grand Master Gary Stevens, who has made a career of teaching both children and adults the skills and qualities that are desperately needed in today’s world.  Growing up in the boroughs of New York City, Stevens studied martial arts under the legendary Grand Master Richard Chun who is credited as one of the first teachers from Korea to bring Tae Kwon Do to the United States.  Under his direct guidance, Stevens became one of Chun’s prized students and instructors.  His style of instruction is rooted in tradition.  As every great teacher has learned, incorporation of new ideas and techniques to make applications more effective in today’s world is paramount to success.  Stevens has created his own unique, effective style that blends traditional and current practices within the martial arts.  “If you feel confident in your abilities to defend yourself, conquering insecurities in your daily lives becomes much easier”, says Stevens.  He strives to help individuals succeed through honest assessment and hard work both physically and mentally.



Teach children skills to last them a lifetime.

When it was time for Master Stevens to start a family, he moved to New Jersey.  As one of Grand Master Chun’s most gifted students, Master Stevens now holds a 7th Dan (7th degree black belt) and established his own school in 1984 in Glen Rock, New Jersey.  He is particularly interested in working
with young people who he can help develop into successful young adults.  A noted expert on preventing bullying and teasing, Stevens helps children understand when it is appropriate to defend themselves or when it is better to just remove themselves from a bad situation.  In fact, Master Stevens has written a children’s book on the subject that has been adopted in several areas throughout New York and New Jersey.  He offers unique classes for children with special needs and has worked extensively with young people who have ADHD.  In addition to self-defense, children in his classes learn discipline, respect, confidence, focus and responsibility.  These are skills that children will need for the rest of their lives.


gary pix2




Be a pillar in the community with a commitment

to public service.

Gary Stevens believes in community service and volunteers his time as part of the Glen Rock Volunteer Ambulance Corps. He is a certified member of (C.E.R.T.) the Community Emergency Response Team, a Board Member of the Community Relations Advisory Board.  He requires all of his black belt students to become certified in CPR and First Aid as part of their social and civic responsibility. As part of his commitment to our area, he teaches or has taught TaeKwonDo for the recreation departments of many New Jersey municipalities including Tenafly, Fair Lawn, Englewood and Leonia and offers seminars covering health, fitness and self-defense issues. Within the martial arts community, Stevens has served as a consultant and judge for the United States Martial Arts Team.  Stevens notes, “It is great to see that many of my students have become responsible members of our community.” A well-respected master, Gary Stevens is a unique individual who has withstood the test of time through honesty, integrity and a teaching philosophy that simply works.


Gary Stevens Taekwondo is located at 175 Rock Road in Glen Rock, New Jersey.  For more information about Grand Master Stevens and available classes call 201.670.7263 or go to

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