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Celebrate 5th Annual Neighborhood Toy Story Day

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Nationwide Shopping Event Encourages Families to Support the Local Toy Stores they Love
GLEN ROCK, New Jersey — As a child, there’s nothing quite as exciting as a trip to the
neighborhood toy store. Gazing with wonder at the aisles of exciting choices. . .holding your new
toy for the very first time. . .anticipating the moment when you finally take your new gifts home.On Saturday, November 8, THE GROW-CERY will join hundreds of locally owned stores across
the country to celebrate the fifth annual Neighborhood Toy Store Day, coordinated by the
American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) to help families discover the joy of
shopping at their local, independently-owned toy store this holiday season and beyond.

“When you shop at an independent toy store, you are entering a universe of play possibilities,”
explains Kathleen McHugh, President of the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association
(ASTRA). “Neighborhood Toy Store Day is about celebrating the role the local store plays in the
community. We are highlighting the expertise your local store has in selecting just the right
innovative, exclusive and engaging toy to help your child grow and learn through play.”

As part of the festivities, The Grow-cery will ofler games to all children coming into the store.
The first is a list of businesses in town without the store address numbers. Pick up a copy, walk
around town, notate the number on the list and bring it back to the store for a gift. The second
game will also have the opportunity for others to get a prize by finding one of 21 specially
painted rocks placed on Rock Road. This will celebrate not only Neighborhood Toy Store Day,
also our 21st Anniversary at 190 Rock Road. Bring their rock back to the store for a prize. (One

Independent toy stores can even help you find top toys for the children on your list this holiday
season with help from ASTRA’s 2014 Best Toys for Kids list. Selected by a pool of over XXX
local and independent toy retailers from across the country, this year’s list honors the new and
improved toys that promote open-ended or creative play and incorporate innovative design

Dee Stevens, Owner of The Grow-cery LTd. explained, “With our expert understanding of how
kids play, ASTRA members have created a list. of toys that deliver the highest value, inviting
imaginative discovery and encouraging creative thinking.” Be sure to pick up a copy of “Best
toys for kids 2014 while you are at the store.And consumers can be confident that more of the dollars spent in local, independently-owned
stores, stay in the community——25% percent more in contrast with national chains, according to
the 3/50 Project. Resident business owners pour more money and energy back into the
community in the form of everything from tax‘ dollars to charity donations to participating in
local initiatives through civic associations and area chambers of commerce.-McHugh urged shoppers to take this opportunity to be part of a celebration of community and to
get to know their neighborhood toy store on Neighborhood Toy Store Day.“By shopping locally, consumers will find great toys while supporting vibrant communities and
sustainable economic development. Visit your neighborhood toy store and you may bring home
more than just the perfect gift, you’ll share the spirit of the season.”For more information, visit
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