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Election Day Info (11/4) & Faber Field Info


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Dear Glen Rock Residents,

As Election Day 2014 is tomorrow, Tuesday, November 4th, we wanted to provide everyone with important facts, figures, and information in regards to Municipal Question #1 one last time. Please remember to vote tomorrow and to look for Municipal Question #1, as it will be at the bottom of your ballot. All polls open promptly at 6:00am and will close at 8:00pm. A copy of a map of Glen Rock outlining all of the Borough’s eight polling districts can be found at the top of this page. In addition, the following are the voting districts and their assigned locations:

Districts 1 & 2: Central School
Districts 3 & 8: Borough Hall
Districts 4 & 5: Hamilton School
District 6: GR Middle School
District 7: Coleman School

With that being said, please see the information below which we hope will help answer any final questions you may have in regards to Municipal Question #1 and the proposed Lower Faber Synthetic Turf Field Project.

Glen Rock’s Lower Faber Athletic Complex, located on Doremus Avenue, is used by both children and adults, seven days a week and nine months per year. The usage of Lower Faber has increased over the last ten years, with conditions deteriorating over time, causing the Mayor and Council to explore various options to remedy Faber’s issues.

All options (synthetic and natural) have been researched and analyzed over the past several years. The approach of over seeding and installing sod has been explored with little to no avail, as Lower Faber is unable to receive the proper amount of rest required for a natural grass field.

Developing only a section of Lower Faber with either a natural grass or synthetic surface can be achieved at a slightly lower cost. However, infrastructure investments (drainage and lighting) would still be required and the issue of over-usage would not be completely resolved.

It is the professional opinion of the Borough’s independent engineer, Stantec Consulting Services, Inc., that “no action” to improve conditions is not an advisable option. The engineer’s estimate for a full synthetic turf field is 2.7 million dollars, compared to a full natural grass field estimated at 2.3 million dollars.

The bond issue for a full synthetic turf field would be for 3 million dollars, covering engineering, financial, and legal costs.The synthetic turf field will cost an approximate average of $75.00 per household per year. The Borough’s six sports organizations (GR Junior Football, GR Baseball & Softball, GR Soccer Club, GR Shooting Stars, GR Lacrosse, and GR Men’s Softball) that use Faber Field on a frequent basis have promised to contribute a collective $50,000.00 per year to the Borough for the artificial turf as they have already entered contractual agreements with the Borough.

The synthetic turf field will result in a reduced maintenance cost of approximately $18,000.00 per year, as less employee time and materials will be needed.

A natural grass field at Lower Faber will cost approximately $47,000.00 (excluding irrigation) to properly maintain and will require one year of inactivity to allow for proper root growth. In addition, the field will need dormant rest periods, during the active growing season for intervals of time, as sod is replaced in worn areas (at an additional cost), as a result of heavy play. Synthetic turf fields are designed to withstand significantly more use than natural grass fields, especially after inclement weather. In addition, they are a better solution when the terrain is not receptive to natural grass fields such as the field at Lower Faber.

Engineer reports indicate that a synthetic turf field with a new drainage system will improve the water runoff issue at the Lower Faber Athletic Complex and will control the rate of water conveyed through the Doremus Avenue drainage system to the Diamond Brook. The proposed field will have a 24” base that can store approximately 10-12” of rain water, if necessary.

The projected timeline to replace the synthetic turf surface is approximately ten years, if needed, and is currently estimated at $880,000.00. The Borough will budget $90,000.00 on an annual basis to cover the anticipated replacement costs. The proposed synthetic turf field will have an infill layer of natural cork to reduce the surface temperatures.

There are currently more than 2,500 registered Glen Rock participants who practice and compete on the Borough’s Athletic Fields on a daily basis.The total number of young athletes who use the Borough’s facilities are approximately 60 – 70% of the total student population.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, we ask you to visit the Borough of Glen Rock’s website ( or to review the Lower Faber Field Project Analysis (PowerPoint Presentation) by following

In addition, please see the below links for the Lower Faber Field Environmental Review (Parts 1-4):

Lower Faber Field Environmental Review – Part 1

Lower Faber Field Environmental Review – Part 2

Lower Faber Field Environmental Review – Part 3

Lower Faber Field Environmental Review – Part 4

Thank you for going out to vote!

The Borough of Glen Rock

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