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Glen Rock Borough Council Candidates


Candidates Forum Video Available on GRTV: Go to; click on View Current GRTV Schedule for access to viewing times through Election Day
Summary of Candidates Information: Candidates listed alphabetically
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bourneRobert Bourne: Republican
Highlights: 19 year resident
Focus Issues:
1. Communications: Despite open and often televised Borough council meetings, G R I N S, reverse phone messaging, Facebook posts and emails some residents are surprised when the Council takes action , as evidenced by events leading up to the Nov 4th referendum. More must be done to improve communications.
2. Taxation: “The council must continue to reduce or at least not increase tax burden.” “So the challenge before the council is always to be looking for how to do more with less”.
3. Maintain the small town feeling: Events like street fairs and car shows make our town a ‘destination.’ That helps to attract business to our downtown area”.
Background/ Experience: Accounting & Finance. Workplace Operations Director for Metro New York and the Northeast for PwC, has worked on several council projects over the past 7 years. “With my education and background in accounting and finance, I can bring a fresh perspective and probing questions to the budget preparation process.”



martinAmy Martin: Democrat
Highlights: 10 Year Resident
Focus Issues:
1. Faber Field Project-TBD by Nov 4th Referendum Vote:
Artificial Turf Choice Wins: I will ensure that it meets safety and environmental standards and that the borough’s investment meets expectations.
Grass Turf Choice Wins: I am committed to work with the community to work on a natural grass solution.
2. Form an Economic Development Committee: Offer the community a chance to develop a vision and strategic plan as well as sourcing county and state funding for re-vitalizing downtown.
3. Scrutinize the budget: Find cost efficiencies and new revenue opportunities; pursue programs to sustain businesses and attract new businesses; investigate ways to support senior housing and other senior needs; create a youth council to engage youth in local government and gain youthful perspectives.
Background/Experience: NYU graduate, professional actor, director and teacher, extensive Glen Rock Volunteer work. “I know how to collaborate with people, work under pressure, cut and operate within tight budgets, think creatively, and get things done. My background has taught me to be not only a listener, but a doer.”


pazanArt Pazan: Incumbent Republican
Highlights: 24 Year Resident
Focus Issues:
Property Taxes: Keep taxes to a bare minimum, maintain a prudent budget that continues good services to residents. Reduce costs by exploring opportunities to share services with other municipalities.
Senior Housing/Services: “Now is the time to decide on improving our senior services. The proposed options for additional (senior) housing are sound financial proposals and will benefit many families in Glen Rock. We need to balance the needs for senior housing with revenue opportunities for the municipality”.
Central Business District: We need to patronize our business district stores and find ways to “entice small businesses that attract young professionals who commute into New York City. This plan could include grants as well as discussions with New Jersey Transit.”
Re-Build Community Relationships: The issues over the Faber Field referendum have damaged some relationships within the community. “….it is important to respect differing opinions. But whether or not the turf field project is adopted by the residents through referendum, we need to address safety issues at that field. We should come together as a community to adopt the best plan for Glen Rock.”
Background/Experience: Food Safety Manager for Vieira’s Bakery: Twice borough council president, chair of the Finance Committee, and a member of the Public Safety committee, past liaison to Parks and Recreation, current liaison to, and member of, the Board of Trustees of the Glen Rock Public Library. “I also have a deep understanding of our borough infrastructure, and the ability to identify and prioritize capital projects.”

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